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Iaşi 2021 Ambassadors

More than 15 key figures of various fields (business, entrepreneurship, theatre, music, literature, visual arts) are supporting the city’s candidacy for European Cultural Capital 2021.

„We are very happy for the support of these people, it is a true honor for us! We are convinced that this campaign will strengthen the message that Iaşi has the right people, resources and cultural values to become European Cultural Capital in 2021”, says Iulian Boia the executive director of the Iaşi – European Cultural Capital Foundation.

„We started out with the idea to coopt people who are not from Iaşi but that know and love this city, along with people that have left Iaşi and now live abroad. For each segment, we tried to involve personalities that are truly representative and we are overjoyed that they enthusiastically answered our call”, mentions Florin Cîntic, artistic director for the Iaşi – European Cultural Capital 2021 project.

See full campaign here


Iaşi is a multicultural city that has become, for many foreigners, home. We wanted to find out how the city looks like viewed through their eyes… The conclusion? #IaşiIsBeautiful.

This campaign was initiated by the Iaşi – European Cultural Capital Foundation in partnership with TVR Iaşi.

See full campaign here